Membership and Fees

Membership Fees

  • Direct Debit is incremental monthly or fortnightly.
  • A 10% discount applies to each subsequent member of a family.
  • Please ask a staff member for more information.

Grading Day Arrangements

Our Instructors are always watching and considering students for grading. When an Instructor believes that you are ready for your next grading, they will inform you and a letter will be sent to you stating your grading date, payment costs, and instructions. Grading days can be a great challenge and a lot of fun, there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment with each grading, so be proud of yourself when it’s your turn!

We have 4 (4) formal belt gradings each year and these gradings will be held at the Pendicup Community Centre, 365 Samsonvale Road, Warner Queensland. Students generally qualify to grade at least 2-4 times a year.

Students of our Springfield Kenpo Karate school are generally graded at different times throughout the year. However, these students can elect to grade at Warner.

** Adult Black Belt Gradings under the assessment of an International Master in Kenpo Karate (such as Professor Steve Stewart), will be subject to additional fees. The rate will be confirmed prior to grading.

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